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AIX Internals


This course is 5 days.


This course provides detailed information on the internal implementation of the AIX operating system and is ideal for system administrators, system developers, performance management teams, and anyone else interested in low-level system operation.

Course Contents

  1. AIX Kernel Overview

  2. Process and Thread Management

  3. VMM

  4. Memory Management on POWER Hardware

  5. Memory Management on IA64 Hardware

  6. JFS2 Internal Structures

  7. Virtual File System Internal Structures

  8. Kernel Extensions

  9. /proc File System

  10. Overview of Device Handling

  11. Complexities of Multi-Processor Systems

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will have an in-depth understanding of the AIX implementation. This information will help the student manage, diagnose, tune, or develop for AIX versions 4 and 5.

Instructional Technique

Students are invited to bring their current ideas and questions to the classroom for discussion. Lecture, group problem solving, and online laboratories will be used. Students will be encouraged to enhance their skills utilizing the techniques presented through classroom problem solving and controlled online workshops.


Familiarity with the AIX/Unix directory structure is assumed. The ability to read C language programs will be helpful, but all skills necessary to understand the course material will be taught.

Completion of certain labs is dependent upon appropriate access to the machine used for the workshops.