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AIX System Administration Lite

Duration: 5 days

Customizing the topic list will affect the time requirement.


Individuals who desire more familiarity with the AIX operating system from a user perspective, including selected topics from the AIX System Administration 1 course.

Course Contents

  1. Operating System Fundamentals (Unix and AIX overview)
  2. AIX Concepts and Basics (logging in, basic command syntax)
  3. AIX Files (files and directories, file management, permissions)
  4. Korn Shell Basics (I/O redirection, wildcards, single/double quotes, startup files)
  5. Using the Korn Shell (command history, command editing, aliases) Note1
  6. AIX Processes (ps, nice, and kill commands, process scheduling)
  7. The vi Editor Note1
  8. Introduction to Korn Shell Programming Note1
  9. AIX Data Tools (grep, sort, sed, find, others)
  10. Scheduling Jobs with at and crontab
  11. Introduction to System Administration
  12. System Management Tools
  13. System Administration Tasks
  14. AIX File Systems (disk space allocation/concerns, techniques)
  15. Backup and Recovery (backup, tar, cpio)
  16. AIX Communications Overview (TCP/IP, SSH, NFS)
  17. Using Graphical User Interfaces (CDE, Gnome) Note2
  18. Managing ASCII Terminals Note2

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Instructional Technique

Students are invited to bring their current ideas and questions to the classroom for discussion. Case studies, lecture, group problem solving, and online laboratories will be used. Students will be encouraged to enhance their skills utilizing the techniques presented through classroom problem solving and controlled online workshops.



Completion of certain labs is dependent upon appropriate access to the machine used for the workshops, as well as root authority for system administration-related topics.

Note1 Selection based on customer preference. Available shells are Korn, Bash, and C shells. Available editors are vi/vim and nano.
Note2 Optional Topics.